What you’ll learn
  • Grow Your Social Media Pages
  • Use Your Social Media Pages To Grow Your Brand & Business

  • A ‘Can Do’ Attitude

The Comprehensive Digital Marketing Course

Ace Social Media Marketing In Instagram, Snapchat, Email Marketing, Etc With The Comprehensive Digital Marketing Course.

In this easy to follow course you will learn all about digital marketing.

Listed below is just a few of the things you will learn:

  1. What email marketing is & why you should use it.
  2. What a lead magnet is & how to make one.
  3. The best and most useful email marketing tools.
  4. Automatically send an email to new email list subscribers.
  5. How to maximise traffic to your website.
  6. How to analyse your website traffic
  7. Email campaign personalisation.
  8. RSS to email campaign.
  9. What is Instagram & why use it.
  10. Instagram page optimization and set up.
  11. Instagram growth from 0 followers.
  12. Hashtag research strategy.
  13. Reading Instagram statistics.
  14. Instagram advertising.
  15. Stories & going live.
  16. Use Instagram to earn money.
  17. What is Snapchat & why use it.
  18. Snapchat install and set up.
  19. Snapchat memories & stories.
  20. Marketing on Snapchat.
  21. Earn money using Snapchat.
  22. Brand creation.
  23. Logo design.
  24. Banner & advertisement designs.
  25. And of course many more informational lectures.

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Who this course is for:
  • Beginners In Social & Digital Media Marketing

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