What you’ll learn
  • GitHub : Creating Git Account and own repositories, Basics operations Clone, Pull and Push
  • Gradle : Understanding the gradle, Gradle tasks, gradle modules, creating and executing tasks

  • View : Detailed understanding of views, ViewGroups and Layouts, What is Context, Custom and Compound views, view measurement units, Animation

  • Activities : Inter Activity Communication, Activity in detail, Lifecycle,
  • Fragments : Inter Fragment Communication, Loading Fragment by FrameLayout and fragment tag, Activity and Fragment communication
  • Resources : What are resources, assets, providing resources, alternative resources.
  • Dialog : Dialog Fragment, Alert , Date and Time Picker, Progress Dialog, Custom Dialog
  • Runtime changes : Handling Runtime changes by androids and custom way, Managing configuration qualifiers
  • Storage : Shared Preferences, Internal and External Storage, SQLite, Content Providers and reading contacts
  • Broadcast Receivers : Registering broadcast receiver, sending broadcast, sticky broadcasts
  • Services : Service, Intent Service and AIDL . E.g Music player demo app
  • Runtime Permissions : Checking permissions, granting or denying permissions, handling any kind of permissions
  • Http and Web Services : Understanding web services, Understanding and Using volley (GET, POST and Other calls )
  • Location and Google Maps : Location Manager, Geocoding, Google Map, adding markers, polylines, circles etc
  • Sensors : Understanding of sensors, implementing sensors
  • Wifi : Connecting to wifi, scanning wifi, listing connected wifi
  • Bluetooth : Understanding Bluetooth API, Getting paired devices, Scanning and Connecting to remote devices, Data transfer
  • Deployment : Deploying app to play stores and caution steps.

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