What you’ll learn

  • How to installing Python 3.7 and start coding in your local machine
  • Assigning values to variables and combine it to texts.

  • How to Ask User for Input and display it.

  • Formatting strings and its operations
  • All About Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries and its methods
  • importing and using different methods for numbers
  • Different type of operators inside an editor and interpreter
  • Conditions for a test degree with if
  • Looping through counts and iterators
  • User and standard Library functions and methods
  • Functional Programming and Object Oriented Programming
  • Exception Handling for Errors
  • Handling files and using date, time and calendar


  • It would be good if you have a little Programming experience that will make this much easier for you but if you do not have, no problem.


In this Python Essentials | Mastering Programming with Python course, You will start coding with modern Python and Mastering it.

You will understand how Python works, how to write correct and clean Python code and it’s core principles through hands-on exercises at high speed, short videos and high quality.

The Python Essentials | Mastering Programming with Python course has all the Essentials you need to learn Python.

Most importantly, you will master Python 3.7 the right way and in a short time without much effort.

Python is becoming increasingly important and useful. You should not waste your precious time and start now.

Who this course is for:
  • Programmers who know other Programming languages but are new to Python.
  • Anyone who wants to dive deep into Python fast.
  • Python Beginners.
  • Programming Newbies.

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