What you’ll learn

  • Setup Business Emails
  • Creating MyQL Database

  • Email Management

  • Create Sub-domains
  • PHPini Usage
  • Website Security Protection (IP Blocker)
  • WordPress Installation
  • Cpanel File Manager (FTP)
  • Cpanel Preferences
  • Domain Redirection


  • Internet Connection
  • Cpanel Account


Do you know that the average Cpanel Salary is $49,504 to $85,536 a year

Do you ever wanted to become Cpanel Certified Professional?

Do you ever wanted to get Cpanel Jobs?

This course will cover all Cpanel features, i will go through step-by-step, and at the end of the course you will be enjoying the skills and knowledge you gained from this course.

Topics of the course:-

* Creating Business Emails

* Creating MysQL Databases

* Creating Sub-domains

* Cpanel File Manager (FTP)

* Cpanel Domain Redirection

* PHPini usage

* Installing WordPress (manually)

*  Website Protection (IP Blocker)

* Modifying Cpanel Style

* Change Cpanel Password

* Email Management

The course will be updated on every Cpanel Feature that is new, Please get the course and buy one i am sure it will help you.

Thank you

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is interested to Cpanel World
  • Web Hosting Managers
  • Cpanel Users

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