What you’ll learn

  • Build an AI
  • Python

  • Make an AI to beat games

  • Understand the theory behind Artificial Intelligence
  • Almost all libraries in AI


  • Programming basics C or C++


In this course you’ll not only learn Artificial Intelligence but also python from the basics,

learning AI helps you to get job as a software engineer in those big companies.

many big companies are already working on AI such as google, ibm, apple, facebook, Microsoft,amazon,Volkswagen,Tesla,Phillips and many more.

more than 50 thousand plus AI jobs vacant due to shortage of talent.

You can also work on your own dream projects.

you’ll get to download all the programs used in this course.

for more information, Check out the intro!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner curious about Artificial Intelligence
  • IT Employees
  • Graduates
  • Degree Students

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